ES&A = Envision Strategize Actualize


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Who is ES&A?

A law firm advising employers and business owners throughout Hawaii offering next generation legal services. We are collaborative, cloud-based, and client-forward. We are a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

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Dream big, and wear a helmet. We got this.

ES&A advises employers and organizations, from startup to established institution, nonprofits and for-profits, across all industries, including:

  • AOAOs
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Construction and related services
  • Education (including higher education)
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Government contractors
  • Healthcare and related services
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Professional services
  • Retail, including automotive, department stores, luxury goods, home improvement
  • Restaurants
  • Social services
  • Technology
What can ES&A offer you?

We give you straight talk and strategy about managing every company's most valuable asset, its people. We advise you on how to employ technology in the workplace. We help you reach your business goals.

When should you call ES&A?

When you're in crisis mode. When you’re in training mode (always!) When you're ready to dream big.

ES&A works collaboratively with our organization to help us be the best in our sector, keeping us updated on laws to ensure we are compliant and providing customized training for our systems. They always take the extra steps to understand us so we can be the most effective in the work we do!

Sheri Daniels, EdD
Papa Ola Lokahi

What does it take

to take your business as far and as wide as you want it to go? Start here.

What does it take

to create the heroes of tomorrow? Teach them well.

What does it take

to make a difference? Everyday people working together are heroes every day. Will you help lead the way?


to reach your business goals? Straight talk + strategy. Technology. Troubleshooting. And the ability to dream big.


to reach your business goals? Envision Strategize Actualize. Let’s talk.

ELA Global Chambers 2016

ES&A is part of ELA

ES&A, Inc., is the sole Hawai`i member of the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), the world's largest network of labor and employment lawyers. ES&A offers clients direct access to the strength and experience of this global resource whose members include over 3,000 attorneys in more than 135 countries, all 50 states and each Canadian province, providing multi-state and multi-national companies with seamless and cost-effective services worldwide.

ES&A President Anna Elento-Sneed is a past member of the ELA Board of Directors and author of the Hawai`i chapter of the ELA's Global Employer Handbook. Referenced in the handbook are the following Hawai`i case law: