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June 10, 2015 • News

Anna Elento-Sneed Introduces New Law Firm Model to Hawaii`i

Anna Elento-Sneed today announced the launch of ES&A, Inc., a next generation law firm that offers businesses an alternative to traditional law firm services and pricing. ES&A offers litigation and transactional services in the areas of labor and employmentemployee benefitsgovernment contracting and corporate governance. The firm uses innovative technology platforms and processes designed to deliver greater value at lower cost, providing legal services and products that are tailored to clients’ business needs.

“Businesses are fatigued by the traditional way that legal services have historically been provided,” said founder and president Anna Elento-Sneed. “They want speed and certainty in pricing. We’ll deliver higher value at lower cost, with faster turnaround times for our clients.” The fee structure includes a range of flat rates, fixed monthly retainers and reasonable hourly fees, based on types of services requested and the size of the client’s workforce. It also accommodates a client’s current state of business. For example, retainers are based on either a “Maintenance” level for assistance with routine compliance and operations, or a “Change” level for advice related to restructuring, downsizing, mergers and/or acquisitions.

“Our mission is to help clients envision, strategize and actualize their business goals — that’s what the name ES&A stands for,” said Elento-Sneed, who has more than 30 years of experience representing employers, including nonprofit corporations. Joining Elento-Sneed are attorneys Christy Gray, Landon Yun, Trisha GiboRyan Loeffers and Sam Sneed, HR services advisors Janelle Yee and Shareen Poynter, professional development director Arlene Odagiri, and experienced administrative staff.

“ES&A offers legal counsel in a way that no one else in Hawai’i is delivering it today,” said Malcolm Inamine, chief human resources officer at JN Group. “I believe the firm will pave the way for extra value to be delivered to business owners, providing greater strategic insight and proactive advice along with faster and more cost-effective turnaround times.”

ES&A’s concept is designed not only to help clients build thriving businesses, but also to create a unique business model that will accelerate the growth of the firm itself and ensure its long-term future.

“It’s the breadth of expertise and quality of service the ES&A team has that makes this business model work,” said Verna Wong, vice president of human resources for Hawaiian Host and Mauna Loa. “Each time I speak with them, I’m amazed at what ES&A is able to provide with such a sense of urgency.”

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