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June 14, 2022 • Events

Catastrophe and Crisis Response Planning Webinar, Part 1: Crisis Response

What do businesses need to survive catastrophic events? Pure adrenaline, sheer determination – and lots of advance planning. Crisis response plans that clearly define who does what before, during and after a catastrophic event are a company’s best chance to weather it.

The Employment Law Alliance (ELA), the world’s largest network of labor and employment lawyers, will present a two-part webinar on Catastrophe and Crisis Response Planning and Implementation. ES&A President Anna Elento-Sneed was among the speakers for Part 1 of the series, which will cover:

Part 1: Pre- and Mid-Crisis

As the sole Hawaii member of the ELA, ES&A invites you to attend this free webinar. For more details and to hear the webinar on demand, visit the ELA site here.

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