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January 30, 2017 • Articles

Trump, Counter-Trumps and Employment Law Trends to Watch For

New Year, new world, new legislation — particularly for employment law, at both the national and state levels.

The national scene:

The Trump administration has taken its place in Washington, DC — and so the changes begin. Included at the top of the list, as expected:

Among the bills before Congress:


The 2017 Hawaii Legislature has also convened. Among the “Counter-Trumps” (bills designed to counter anticipated changes at the federal level) introduced:

Also of interest to Hawaii employers:

What does it all mean for Hawaii employers? In a recent webinar, ES&A President Anna Elento-Sneed discussed 2017 Employment Law Trends to Watch For, including legislative trends as well as agency, court and workforce trends. As the disparity between federal and Hawaii state laws grow, and as litigation increases, Hawaii employers can protect their businesses by:

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