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May 18, 2017 • Events

Technology Creates New Business Models and Unique Opportunities for SMBs

Technology has transformed the workplace, for better and/or forever. New technology allows for greater productivity and new products and services, but also eliminates jobs, creates training challenges and exposes skill gaps. It’s given rise to business models which are not driven solely by geography or size, but rather by speed, scale and collaboration.

In the Pacific Business News Small Business Day! Conference & Expo on May 18, a panel moderated by ES&A’s Sam Sneed discussed “Protecting Your Assets: How to Manage Your Human and Technological Resources.” The panel included ES&A President Anna Elento-Sneed, Oceanit Director of Corporate Development Ian Kitajima and SystemMetrics Chief Operations Officer Marcus Yano. The message: SMBs are agile, with unique opportunities to evolve.

The panel encouraged SMBs to take advantage of their ability to respond to market demands with both speed and creativity. “Build a culture of experimentation,” said Kitajima. “It’s important to plan but it’s more important to be adaptable.” Said Yano, “Operational changes vs. aspirational changes – ask yourself what change you want to see.” Elento-Sneed asked, “What will it take to adapt and succeed? It takes bravery and a willingness to try. Empower the next generation by rewarding, supporting and incentivizing them.”

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