January 5, 2024 • Articles

Authenticity in 2024: What Are Your Business Resolutions?

New year, new you know what: Resolutions. 

You put your best intentions forward. More exercise, less screen time, more sleep, less procrastination, more I-can’t-believe-I-made-that, less I-can’t-believe-I-ate-the-whole-thing. Will you be more or less successful in sticking to the plan? You’ll do your best, and we won’t judge. 

But when it comes to your business resolutions, we got you. More training, less confusion, more compliance, less procrastination, more can-I-ask-your-advice, less you-won’t-believe-what-just-happened. Envision the way you want your business to run; we can help you make 2024 the year you get from resolution to reality. 

Reality, and authenticity, are top of mind these days. In fact, “authenticity” was the most searched term of 2023 on Merriam-Webster’s site, earning it the title of Word of the Year. Consider how for employers, technology has created blurred lines: Is it real or is it AI? When we’re Zooming, Teaming or Slacking, are we making real connections? Professional services network Deloitte reports in its Tech Trends 2024 that when existing systems meet innovation, a creative workforce can integrate them and apply imagination to ambition, taking business to new heights and entirely new places. We the humans are still in charge, but maintaining what’s real and authentic requires conscious effort. As if being an employer and business owner in Hawaii didn’t already require supremely conscious effort.

Research and consulting firm Gartner conducted a global survey to identify Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2024: leader and manager effectiveness; organizational culture; HR technology; change management; career management and internal mobility. Do these ring authentic with you? Let’s talk.