Webinar Wednesday: 2016 Labor & Employment Law Trends & Issues to Watch For

ES&A attorney Anna Elento-Sneed presented a webinar on Trends & Issues to Watch For in 2016

Trends to watch closely include:

  • Growth in Use of Contingent Workers
    • The issues: misclassification of employees as independent contractors; challenges to wage & hour exemptions; franchisor liability for actions of franchisees; joint employer arguments
  • Increasing Workforce Diversity
    • The issues: understanding new or expanded protected classifications; defining the limits of equal employment opportunity; managing competing interests
  • Demands for Work-Life Balance
    • The issues: paid sick leave; increases in minimum wage; limitation of FLSA exemptions; flexible work schedules; telecommuting
  • Proliferation of Technology in the Workplace
    • The issues: reductions in force; skills gaps; non-compete agreements; confidentiality agreements; cybersecurity; electronic discovery; lack of regulation and uniformity, and incompatible systems; government entities creating problems rather than solutions
  • Politicization of the Workplace
    • The issues: NLRB's "revision" of longstanding rules; Congress' fight over ACA, NLRB authority and EEOC class actions; U.S. Supreme Court class action cases, including Tyson Foods and ABC v NLRB
  • Aging Labor Force
    • The issues: disability accommodations; performance standards; benefit costs; the generation gap 


What is the impact on employers? For further discussion, download the presentation here