HR Checklist for 2021 HR Operations

Update your 2021 operating systems to reflect updated employment laws and guidelines, including the following:

  • Minimum wage for federal government contractor employees Effective January 1, 2021: Minimum wage for federal government contractor employees increased to $10.95 per hour. 
Tipped employees performing work on or in connection with covered contracts generally must be paid a minimum cash wage of $7.65 an hour. 
See the notice published in the Federal Register.
  • Standard mileage for business expenses Effective January 1, 2021, standard mileage rates for business expenses is 56 cents for every mile of business travel driven (down 1.5 cents from the 2020 rate). See IRS notice 2021-02
  • 2021 disability compensation contribution withholding requirements and payment provisions for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI), Workers’ Compensation (WC) and Prepaid Health Care (PHC) are as follows:
    • Maximum weekly wage base:
      • TDI: $1,102.90
      • WC: $1,366.43
    • Maximum weekly benefit amount: 
      • TDI: $640
      • WC: $911
    • Maximum weekly deduction: $5.51
    • Mandatory coverage under PHC: $876. For information on computation, see the DLIR notice