In Case of Emergency: HR Crisis Management Action Plan

The best time to prepare for an emergency? Before it happens. Easier said than done, but since we are in the middle of a very active hurricane season, what better time to think about HR emergency preparedness for your business. In a recent webinar on "Emergency Preparedness for Human Resources," ES&A Director Trisha Gibo outlined an HR crisis management action plan for natural disasters, workplace violence situations, and PR crises, with respect to:

  • Evacuation
  • Operations (closing and reopening for business)
  • Securing the physical plant
  • Wage and hour issues
  • OSHA/HIOSH obligations
  • ADA considerations and reasonable accommodations
  • Employee communications
  • External communications
  • Assessing return to workplace
  • Leave and staffing issues (inlcuding FMLA, HFLL and victim's leave)