Employment-Related Legislation Adds Reproductive Health Decisions as a Protected Category

The 30th Legislature of the State of Hawaii adjourned on May 2, 2019. Employment-related bills that passed include:

  • HB710: Adds reproductive health decisions to the list of categories that are protected against discriminatory employment practices.
  • HB390: Makes permanent Act 172, Session Laws of Hawaii 2017, which: (1) grants employees the right to have a chaperone present during a medical examination relating to a workers' compensation work injury and, with the approval of the examining physician or surgeon, to record the examination; and (2) provides that if an employee or employee's chaperone obstructs the medical examination, the employee's right to worker's compensation shall be suspended until the refusal or obstruction ceases. Effective 6/29/2019. 

Both bills await being signed into law by Governor Ige.